Vintage inspired Christmas background

Pink & Teal Posable Elf Ornament Set of 2

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This sweet little elf is like a time machine into Christmas past! The level of detail is truly off the charts for this reproduction...the felt clothing, silver tinsel-lined neckline, and authentic face painting that is a dead ringer for elves of yesteryears. You can pose the legs how you want, so they can be snuggled up or hanging loose. Soooo fun!

  • Sold as a set of 2 (1 pink & 1 teal), not individually
  • Dimensions: 11" 
  • Material: Felt W/Vinyl Head
  • Brand: One Hundred 80 Degrees, SKU: LS0107

The Pink & Teal Posable Elf Ornament Set of 2 is so adorable and unique, everyone on your list will want a set!