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9"H Handmade Recycled Paper Folding Snowflake Ornament


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Who remembers making paper snowflakes? Well, these are the grown-up versions that look like perfect snowflakes you can never get quite right! Since each snowflake in the wild is unique, this 9" white snowflake is different from all the others we have! Ornament comes with a thread hanger and is folded and affixed to a cardboard holder. Once  you open the snowflake, you simply unfold and attach the magnets. When you are ready to store away for next year, you simply release the magnets and the snowflake folds back up for safe keeping! 

Expect subtle differences as these are handmade with recycled paper!

  • Sold individually
  • Color: White with gold interior
  • Materials: Recycled Paper, thread
  • Dimensions: 9" X 3.3"
  • Brand: Creative Co-Op, SKU: XS0338

Choose one snowflake or take home various colors and sizes! They look fabulous in groups of 4 or more!❄️