Vintage inspired Christmas background

Retro Tinsel Postcard 8" Wreath- 3 Options


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Check out these gorgeous tinsel wreaths!! There are 3 options but it's likely you'll want all 3! Each one has a postcard-type sentiment on a silver tinsel wreath with red and green shiny baubles. Choose between a sweet little deer, Jolly Santa, or a happy snowman. At 8" these wreaths are big enough to hang on the wall, in a window, or on a chair or cabinet. They also make an amazing statement piece as an ornament on the Christmas tree!

  • Sold individually, choose: Deer, Santa, or Snowman
  • Materials:  Plastic, Paper, and Tinsel
  • Dimensions: 8"
  • Brand: RAZ Imports, SKU: 4319178

The Retro Tinsel Postcard Wreath is a must-have for any retro Christmas lover!