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Pastel Glass Snowman/Santa Reflector Ornament- 2 Options

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Wow, just wow! It's impossible to decide if Santa or the snowman is cuter! Santa finial features a rosy-faced Santa, with a furry bright pink cap, green tinsel scarf, pink central part, and a turquoise polka dot bottom. Snowman finial features a carrot nose, furry pink striped cap, green tinsel scarf, turquoise central part, and a pink polka dot bottom. Both glass ornaments feature glitter detail throughout and a bright reflector in the middle. At 6.5", these are sizable ornaments that make a real statement!

  • Sold individually- Choose Santa or Snowman
  • Dimensions: 6.5" H
  • Material: Glass
  • Brand: Regency, SKU: MTX71912

Pastel Glass Snowman/Santa Reflector Ornament- 2 Options are the perfect addition to any Christmas ornament collection! Choose one or take home the pair!