Vintage inspired Christmas background

Bright Blown Glass Finial Ornament Set


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Look no further for a unique and absolutely gorgeous set of finial ornaments. These beauties are true show-stoppers! The quality is top-notch as they are made from blown glass. The 3 colors are so rich it's impossible to pick a favorite! Each ornament has a slightly different shape so they all are unique pieces of art! At over 9" long these ornaments are true statement pieces!

  • Sold as a set of 3, not sold individually
  • Materials: Glass
  • Dimensions: 2.5"D X 9.75"H; 3"D X 9.75"H; 3"D X 9.5"H
  • Brand: RAZ Imports, SKU: 4322881

🌟For these vintage-inspired ornaments you can expect quality & color variations, chipping, and an overall aged look. Please note that this isn’t a flaw, rather it adds to the vintage look and authenticity!