Vintage inspired Christmas background

Flocked Pink Bauble 19" Wreath


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Merry Pinkmas everyone! This gorgeous Wreath is a must for all of our pink Christmas lovers! The attention to detail and quality are off the charts! The wreath itself is heavily flocked pink "greenery" with multi-colored, shiny baubles affixed throughout. The baubles are of different sizes and range from shades of pink to turquoise and gold. At 19" this wreath is mid-sized so you can always find a place to hang it! 

  • Dimensions: 19" outside diameter 
  • Material:  MMF, PE, & Metal
  • Sold individually
  • Brand: Cody Foster, SKU: CD-1936-SP

The Flocked Pink Bauble 19" Wreath is the perfect way to add a pop of pink to your Christmas collection!